Wednesday, December 5

some blah that i'm posting.

Nothing special happened today. Although, the best part in school was we had NO teachers for 2 periods. No, make that 3. CVE time was alloted for the Christmas Carols practice. Guess what we good people of the Star Section did. WE MADE NOISE, instead. We played Wish, a new card game I learned just this week. It's really addictive. So that's the GREAT things a star section can do.

Lo and behold! Geometry was NOT fun even though the teacher was absent due to colds. She left an ├╝ber hard seatwork and I did it while listening to music which helped at least. I also kept reading Noli Me Tangere which is weird 'coz I don't normally get hooked on Filipino novels because I find it hard to understand. (As much as I love reading, Filipino makes my nose bleed profusely)

Mapeh. We were supposed to be playing Table Tennis(which I suck at), but since our teacher was not there AGAIN for some reason, we did our Integrated Projects. (see post below) We added the border and man, it looks oh-so cool now.

I forgot to bring my cam to take a picture again of our project but I will, tomorrow! It rocks BIG TIME. haha. Anyway, I haven't done what Nelson was asking me to do so I have to goooo. Aww.

Toodles, fans!♥