Saturday, May 28

what's in tears?

The tears are running out.

Which incidentally made me wonder, what are tears? The mere manifestation of one's sadness? Other than the obvious that tears are composed of water,mineral salts,antibodies & lysozyme (bactericidal enzyme), does it enclose a couple of memories that we're willing to get out of our system? Does each drop signify finally letting go and moving on or subjecting yourself to another heartbreak? Does it really help take the pain away?

I've always pictured that it would be a lot easier if tears carried our memories together. After all, the heartbreak has happened. What am I to do with the memories you left me? Would I be benefiting from it? Would I be able to make a living out of it by telling our stories of laughter and that time you walked me home by telling my friends about it? 

What am I going to do with these bucket of memories now that I'm finally letting you go?

I wish the tears I endlessly cried for you took care of it.

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