Tuesday, December 21


Like a fisherman
you gently reel me in.
You feed me with bait
The kind which I can't refuse.

And I fight your hook and line
I fight hard and with passion
Fully aware that when you win,
I will be worse than dead.

Suddenly you let go.
I breathe a sigh of relief.
I can live.

I feel you again.
And you reel me in hard.
You don't give up.
Nor will I.

I will fight for my freedom.
The liberty I have always craved for.
No matter how painful it may be,
I will struggle for my escape.

Like a fisherman, you reel me in.
Like a fish, I will fight for me.

1 comment:

Martin said...

be careful not to bleed out completely.

But time heals all things. Swim slow, swim sure, swim with all you've got. :)