Sunday, October 11

i'm back

I've always loved autumn. The leaves are turning into different colors and all you get to see are pretty leaves falling, eventually dropping to the ground and moving to a place we don't even bother to think of. I only got to experience autumn ONCE.

Just like those moments I only got to experience ONCE and never had the chance to experience it all over again. If only we could be rewind and stop the moments that you want to cherish forever, ay, I would be the happiest girl in the world.

After autumn always comes winter. Winter had a huge impact on me. I didn't like the cold, the shivers and the layers of clothing you had to wear just to keep you insulated. The darkness of winter never appealed to me. Just like the past experiences that I would never want to happen again. If I could delete it just like in a computer, never to hear from it again, again, I would become the happiest girl in the world.

Of course, we cannot rewind, repeat and stop the moments we have in everyday life. We just have to go with the seasons, may it be autumn or winter.

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