Friday, May 15

In a few days

In a few days...

I WILL GET TO SEE DAVID COOK in person. Okay, one day. That's tomorrow.

MY BLOG WILL BE TURNING 2 years old. :) Yey me! I couldn't believe it too.

I will take driving lessons? I HOPE. Gad.

Anyway, I am psyched to see David Cook tomorrow. I'm wearing a David Cook shirt tomorrow. I'm wearing Skechers, Cook's an endorser. And I love the Skechers boots by the way. I'm going to make a banner tomorrow before I go. I'm excited not just because of Cook, but because I'll be seeing my classmates who are Idol fans tomorrow! It maybe the last time I get to see them before college. I hope to see you, David Cook! I swear your ears will burst when I scream your name.

My blog is turning two years old. Yes, that's right. I never thought it'd go this far. I always thought I'd erase this blog eventually, just like my old blog. But boy was I wrong. I've shared two years of pain, sorrow, happiness, craziness and the like. I've owned other blogs before, but I have been ever so faithful to this one. I made the layout myself, I blogged the entries with dedication and yeah, you get the idea. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A toast to many more years to come!

I've tried talking to my mom about driving lessons. She always says that I have to do it this summer. Yeah right. Summer's almost over. And I haven't even touched a freaking steering wheel! I am promising myself that before this summer is over, I know how to drive a car already. All I've been doing this summer is go to the MALL. I've missed my curfew two times already and I didn't get grounded or anything.

By the way, before I end this post, I want to say I want to go to the beach. It sucks that I don't have beach photos this year compared last year when I had three sets, when we went to Ilocos twice and Dapitan.

I'm goiiing! See you, David Cook tomorrow!

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