Friday, May 29

Happy Anniversary

I'm shouting a big HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY TO MY BLOG! We've come a long way, my dear blog. We're nearing 300 posts! 

This past 2 weeks have been a blast. I think I'm finally getting the summer I deserve. This last week, I've been in Hongkong, catching Mickey Mouse and watching a performance of High School Musical Live! We did lots of shopping in HK and I didn't forget my bestfriends of course. I bought them souvenirs. When we got back, I watched Full House for 2 straight days, read every one of Jessica's stories and slept late. It felt so good. I only have a week before classes start and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Imagine me having a dream of accumulating 3 absences in class because I couldn't wake up on time. I was shocked when I woke up. I do hope it doesn't happen to me.

I'm reading Harry Potter again, I've gotta get all hyped up for the new movie. I'm excited!

That's it for now. Happy anniversary to us again, dear blog. :)

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