Friday, September 5

guys. :)


Part One: Bold what's true
I am single
I have a boyfriend
Currently I have feelings for one guy(yeah right. XD)
One of my favorite discussion topics is guys
I like guys with facial hair
I like clean shaven guys
I've been proposed to
I've been married
I've been divorced
I've wanted to marry a guy-friend before
My favorite Color on guys is white
My Favorite Color on guys is black
It's creepy when some guys wear pink
I like guys with blonde hair
I like guys with black hair
I like guys with brown hair
I like guys with red hair
I like Emo Guys
I like Punk Guys
I like Jocks
Blue eyes on guys are beautiful!
Green eyes are the best!
Tall, dark, handsome with dark brown eyes!
I <3 guys with muscles [but not over the top muscles]
I like guys with shaggy hair
I've been given flowers for Valentines Day
My favorite part about guys is how funny they are
Guys; Can't live with them, can't live without them
I've said, "Why can't they invent something besides guys to marry?"
I've kicked a guy where it hurts before
A guy has called me cute before
A guy has called me pretty before
A guy has called me ugly before(ANTON HA!)
I have been to the movies alone with a guy
I've been in love
I've eaten alone with a guy before
I've been on a date
I like Christian guys
I dont care about religion when it comes to guys
I have called a guy cute before
I have called a guy handsome/hot before
I can look at a cute guy and not think about sex
I don't like guys who drink [don't care if it's once in a while, just not all the time]
I don't like guys who smoke
I don't like guys who sleep around
I like good moral guys
I like guys who know how to work, but don't become workaholics
I like guys who believe in waiting for marriage for sex
I've almost crashed my car because I saw a cute guy
A guy has given me flowers before
A guy has kissed me in the last week
A guy has hugged me in the last week
I've tripped checking out a cute guy
I've bought a movie/book just because the guy in it was cute
I love it when guys go shirtless(HAHAHAHAHA.)
I know a guy who has gotten a girl pregnant
1 of my best friend(s) is a guy(s)
I've had a guy in my room before
I've been to guys house
I've taken a picture of a guy I like in the last three months
Guys look like angels when they sleep(yeah right)
A guy has groped me before
A guy has grabbed my butt before
I've been asked for my phone number by a guy before
I've kissed a guy I've just met
I've bought a guy a birthday present before

Part Two: Bold the guys you like/think are cute/hot
Charles Shaughnessy
George Clooney
Tobey McGuire
Chris O' Donnell
Daniel David
Harrison Ford
Jesse McCartney
Lance Bass
Justin Timberlake
David Gallagher
Vin Diesel
Jake Gyllenhaal
Gary Sinise
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Anton Yelchin
James Franco
Elvis Presley
Zac Efron
Elijah Wood
Daniel Radcliffe
Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom
William Moseley
Adam Pascal
Drake Bell
Ashton Kutcher
Brendan Fraiser
Leonardo Dicaprio
Jeremy Stumper
Brad Pitt
Tom Felton
Matthew McConaghey
Sean Faris
Shane MacRae
Ryan Gosling
Hugh Grant
Shane West
Chad Michael Murray
Kevin Costner

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