Monday, March 31

How do I write about you?

The battle doesn't start at night. It just intensifies. The current struggle is to stop chasing you--to stop wondering what our future would be like, to get away from your love, or to simply forget you.

How do I write about you? How do I write about us? Do I narrate the wonders that you have done in my life-- that time you made me laugh so hard that I cried or that time when you surprised me at 7 am with flowers? How do I write about the times when we'd walk and I would cherish every moment with you because I knew it wasn't going to last? Do I carefully retell the tale when we would go on our own adventures, not caring about the world around us, but getting lost in different worlds--together?

How do I write about you? How do I write about us?

It's funny when you try to let go of someone, you would think the memories would just easily go away. But no, they stay, they linger, and they haunt you every step you take. I see you in my dreams, in my mind, in every place that I go to. When is it safe to let go? When is it safe to stop writing about you or about us?

What do I do to these memories that seemingly have no use anymore for me but to torture me with the thought that we just let go?

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