Sunday, July 29


It's on nights like these-rainy, cold evenings when I wish that you were here.

These nights when I wish that we both lie in bed, laughing at nonsense things. Or your hugs from behind.
These are the nights that I wish you stroked my hair and told me you loved me. Or the nights when we'd argue and I would refuse to talk to you. Or possibly that night when you beat me in chess and I couldn't forgive you for it.

These are the nights I wish you were in my arms and I could feel you, all of you. That for just the remainder of the darkness, I wasn't alone. I was comfortable in the arms of somebody and not just anybody, somebody who was special and brought light into the darkness.

These are the nights that I would close my eyes and pray. Why, what did I ever do to deserve someone like you? And then, I open my eyes and you are there, silent and staring at me like I am the most valuable treasure on Earth.

Take me into your arms and assure me that somehow, when I look up and as I lay beside you, light will fill me up.

Because it's on nights like these that even if we're apart, you can love me.

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