Sunday, September 11

sad little girl

A sad little girl in a big world
Nothing seems to fit
As soon as she rises from the ashes
She gets shot back down by unknown forces.

She might try
She might fail
Trying all the same is a burden
Let her lie down and just sleep the pain away

Pondering about what the hell is wrong with her
Is it her personality? Or her looks?
Or the ways she walks or talks?
She lies in bed, crying every night.

Nobody knows.
No one will.
The sad little girl will never be okay.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sad little girl, come to me.
I'll wipe your tears away and bring you to sleep.
Hush now for today shall pass.
I know it's hard. It always has been.
For how does man learn if he always wins?

Sad little girl, come to me.
I'll whisper to your ear that you always have me.
I may be far away but do not fret.
I'll be home when you need me.
And if you would only listen to your heart, you would know,
I am always home.

With Love,
The person who is extremely sorry for not being able to greet you on your birthday. She has told you a lot of times, remembering birth dates is not something she is good at.