Wednesday, November 21


Stupid people who think they have the RIGHT to hurt people. And to think they WERE and yes, I am emphasizing WERE because they are, at this moment, no longer my friends. They f*cked it up with us real bad.

Okay, so I know I'm not supposed to mope and get all mad about this because after all, I am initially not supposed to be part of the affected party. But the conflict blew out of proportion and we got in the situation. And now, we're the ONES who have to make an effort to reconcile with you.

I don't think so. After f*cking it up with us, I hate you for it. ALL OF YOU. YOU HURT US AND IT DID PERMANENT DAMAGE. And don't think that after reconciling with us, we'll go back to what we were, BECAUSE WE WON'T. And I was stupid to believe in you, in the first place. And to treat you as my friends, my comrades and I SHARED MY SECRETS WITH YOU, for Pete's sake. And now, you don't even give a damn about US.

I cried buckets of tears a few meters away from you, and you still wouldn't comfort me. What the hell. You were with me in my moments of sadness but now, YOU CAN'T. How insensitive of you to do that. Do you guys feel any superiority by hurting US like that? Do you have no choice? I always believe that THERE IS A CHOICE because there is. For you guys to tell us that there is no choice, that is just pure BULL.

I had to let this out because I trusted you guys. And I have never been BETRAYED IN THIS DEGREE EVER. This is accounted as my worst high school experience. And done by a lot of people who I keep close to my heart. I've no respect for you anymore. YOU MADE US STUPID IN THE HIGHEST LEVEL POSSIBLE.

This is too much, but I feel anger so I will let it out. I want to shred you to pieces and beat you up and if that isn't enough, I want you to fall off a building. This is the first time that I'm wishing something MORBID for the guys who I'm furious with, so you can tell I'm MAD.

Get a life, people.