Thursday, December 31

Thanks 2015!

While for now it seems like I haven't been writing that much, I will take this time at the end of 2015 to write finally about how my year has been. To be perfectly honest, I went into 2015 without much hope or expectations. I was a bit positive, but not too much. I was hopeful, but not enough. And as luck would have it, I was confined in the hospital in the first week of 2015. So now you know how I felt that 2015 would be unfortunate and I didn't expect much from it at all.

But the best year of my life was just about to begin.

Going into something with no expectations can either be a pro or a con on a list; I mean it really depends on the circumstances as well as the situations. Going into 2015 with no expectations is a huge PRO on my list and it's because this year has been so good to me, even if I didn't ask this much or even if I didn't ask at all. Sometimes, life works in the most mysterious of ways. 

This year, I finally learned that being brave is not about not being afraid, but learning that overcoming fear is possible. I finally accepted that to love means opening your eyes and lowering down your walls. To love means being afraid of what's to come but facing it with your head high and your eyes open. To love means being up for the adventure, no matter how scary it may seem. This year has taught me that love is not about being perfect, but rather accepting that there will always be imperfections. To love means knowing when to eventually say sorry, to wholeheartedly take it if you are wrong, to stop constantly finding conflict in the smallest of things. To love means choosing him every single day, even on days that he's being such a pain. I know somehow that life probably presented these lessons to me these past few years but I never chose to listen, to hear and to finally embrace them. Believe me, these lessons have been the hardest to learn but I am glad that 2015 has given me all the experiences to cherish and to hold forever in my heart.


Lord, I can't let this post end without thanking you for all the blessings You have continuously showered this year. I am forever grateful for everything and You are simply the best. 

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