Wednesday, January 26

possibly, maybe

the tears start coming as soon as i saw
the possible connection between you two
maybe it was already there and i didn't know
i didn't know well enough to see.

you remind me of the dark mysterious guy in old movies
the kind who you don't expect his next move
the kind who gives you chills all over
and yes, chills of the good kind.

possibly, you two have something special.
maybe, we lack so much in everything you two have.
possibly if it we lived in another life, we could have been.
maybe, in another life, we already are.

but this is now and now is all we've got.
and all you have is you two.
and all i have is my longing for you.
possibly, maybe, in a different life, you could love me too.

****it's been so long since i've updated this :(*

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